Huset vid ån / As the river runs


Artist book, made with Blackbook Publications, edition of 500. 



The river, the garden, the fields.

I was drawn to these places like an unspoken mantra, every time I came back home after my parents split up in 2006. I went out in the mornings, in the evenings, in the snow, in the sun, re-exploring my childhood world.  Was it a process of grief, trying to grasp the last vague memories of what once were? Or just a way of creating a visual map of those memories, revisiting old hiding and playing spots, walking the same routes and trails over and over?

As the river runs is a visual contemplation over the landscape that once made up my entire world, and despite being grownup and free to do whatever I wanted, I subconsciously stayed within the limits of my childhood. My fear of certain places still echoed; and the strong respect for boundaries remained and limited my movements. I stayed close to home, physically and mentally.  

Shot over eight years, As the river runs is also a story about time, the seasons passing, and a meditation over the Swedish landscape – once a world filled with adventures, myths and stories. And what now remains: the river, the garden and the fields.