Nathalie: Southwood sequence (2010)

The series was a part of the exhibition New Nordic Photography at Hasselblad Center in 2010. 

There is this moment, when the world vanishes, changes from shapes to colours,
air to wind. Your body adjust to the speed, your feet to the ground. Your thinking mind stops.
No universal truth to teach you, no need to tell you all I know.
When you run, I run too.
What fades away
with time
with age
(with the fear of not remembering)
Forget about strive. Forget the heaviness in your body.
The world of the now, always slightly beyond reach, accessible only trough the act of being, trough the act of letting go.
Remember living, remember being. And then let your mind stop.
All you have to do is run
you just have to run far enough.

Delightful is the land beyond all dream
Fairer than anything your eyes have ever seen
The feast shall cloy not, nor the chase shall tire,
Nor music cease for ever through the hall;
The gold and jewels of the Land of Youth
Outshine all splendors ever dreamed by man.

(From the irish mythology, ”Oisín and Niam in Tír ná nÓg, the land of youth”)