La Mort La Vie (2013)

La Mort La Vie is an ongoing project from 2011. A year earlier a young friend passed away suddenly - a chance encounter, and someone the same age as me was gone. Seeing loved ones passing hadn't disturbed me as much as the passing of this friend that hadn't actually been in my life for many years. I realized I was mortal.

Roland Barthes writes in  Camera Lucida.
/../ Death must be somewhere in a society; if it is no longer (or less intensely) in religion,
it must be elsewhere; perhaps in this image which produces Death while trying to preserve life.

Growing up in an environment without any religion and its rituals surrounding death and life in general, 
I chose to investigate views, myths and rituals from different cultures, as well as how death and life is portrayed throughout the history. La Mort La Vie is the result of the search for answers and ways to deal with death, grief and the illusion of eternal life.